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Indian cuisine excites senses like no other. The colours, aromas and blends of spices, define Indian food around the world today and the destination for such fine cuisine has now arrived at Apni Rasoi- Heathrow.

The key to an enjoyable dining experience is our welcoming and comfortable environment. Diners can choose to sit formally in the ‘A La Carte’ dining area or Montblanc Replica Watches have an informal dining experience in the Lounge areas or simply enjoy a complimentary Indian appetiser when you buy your first drink from the bar after a hard day’s work.

Our team members are friendly and attentive and the restaurant has a capacity for 100+ guests, seated- in style and comfort and yes there is ample parking – at no extra cost.

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Rakesh Sharma
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Our Speciality

Marinated in corn flour, ginger and garlic, then shallow fried, Indian cottage cheese, cooked in a wok with diced onions, peppers, ginger, garlic, green chillies in soy sauce. Finished off with spring onions and freshly chopped coriander.  Served with salad garnish.


A refreshing, crunchy combination of fried wheat crisps, boiled potato cubes, chick peas, chopped onions and fresh mint served with plain yoghurt and tangy tamarind sauce.


Pan-fried cassava batons, tossed with Apni Rasoi special garlic sauce.


Spiced Samosas topped with yoghurt, mint and a touch of tamarind sauce served on a bed of chana masala garnished with red onions, fresh tomatoes, chaat masala and coriander.

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